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Digiway, here we are!

We have just entered the Digiway Delivery Partners club, in order to enrich each others’ solutions and services to our customers.

Read more in the Digiway Blog post.

Let’s go on networking, thank you very much, Vittorio!

Here we are … in the MODD!

We are so proud to have been added to the italian Mobile Developers Directory (MODD)!

Thank you so much, Wireless 4 Innovation and Osservatorio Mobile Internet, Content & Apps!

going mobile – Android edition

We’re designing beautiful business mobile Android Apps!

Lab time!

Stay tuned 🙂

Let’s get it started!

Today’s the right day to start something new!

Design is one of the buzzwords on the web and everywhere, so our projects are about the many flavours of design…

  • technology design
  • mobile design
  • interior design
  • fashion design

One of our main goals is contamination, thought mashed-up projects.

So we’ ll mix mobile technologies, we’ ll design interiors in mobility, and so on…

Our common ground is collaboration, through social media of course!

This means that A&W.designers is not a closed group, we wish many designers will jump on board and collaborate, curate, contaminate…